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Coaxial Cable RG11-M


Coaxial Aerial Distribution Cable for CATV main network, Ø 10,3 mm, Length 305 m, PE black, on wood drum.

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The RG11-M 0305 is a 75 Ohm coaxial cable for CATV main network outside and inside  installation. The high-quality materials and the triple shielding with a screening efficiency of >125 dB guarantee an interference free transmission in distribution systems for cable TV, terrestrial and satellite signals. RG11 is  perfect for the installation in return path capable multimedia networks. The inner conductor consists of pure copper enabling perfect electrical values and a high reliability. With the fire protection class Fca, theRG11 complies with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) EU No. 305/2011. The specific PVC outer sheath protects the cable against humidity. 

RG11 is a 14-gauge wire, a higher gauge than other video cables, giving it more room to transfer signal. RG11 cable provides 3Ghz frequency for CATV, HDTV, TV antenna, and video distribution. It is ideal entry-point feeder systems running into building and extending to each floor and room of commercial and residential buildings. It is also great for improved audio and video performance in home theater applications. Our RG11 coax cable is UL and/or ETL verified as well as RoHS complaint—our cable meets and exceeds industry standards.

While RG11 coax cable does provide higher speeds, it lacks flexibility necessary for casual use and isn’t designed to bend around sharp corners or turns. Because of its thick size, RG11 coaxial cable is most often used as long-length, “backbone” cable thereby fully taking advantage of its high speeds, excellent attenuation feature, and low signal loss. End-users of RG 11/U Coaxial Cables benefit from higher signal quality for television, cable and internet transmission and increased safety.

We carry all of your RG11 connectors. The cable is compatible with the WISIAL connector system as well as commercially available connection accessories.


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