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LR 91 W

Compact node for CATV downstream reception and RF Overlay

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The LR 91 W is a compact receiver for CATV distribution networks and RF overlay. The integrated WDM filter makes it possible to decouple the xPON wavelengths in addition to the CATV. It has a high output level up to 100 dBμV in the frequency range up to 1 GHz.


 Compact receiver for CATV-distribution networks and RF-Overlay
Extremely low noise optical receiver
High RF output level, switchable: 80 dBμV (flat) or 100 dBμV (6 dB slope) for 4% OMI
Manual adjustment of optical level compensation for maximum flexibility
Test port for RF output signal
Monitoring LED and DC test port for optical input power
High-Isolation PON pass-through port for CATV overlay in single-fiber FttX networks




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