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Programmable filter amplifier, channel converter

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The VS 50 PRO is a programmable terrestrial filter with an integrated amplifier. Four VHF/UHF antennas can be connected via four F connectors, and one additional F connector is available for insertion of FM. Also, 32 freely selectable channels can be programmed – a number that may be doubled to 64 by extending the channel bandwidth. Moreover, the received terrestrial channels can be relocated to any required frequency, hence the VS 50 PRO is usable as a channel converter, to relocate UHF channels to a lower frequency range. The high selectivity ensures a high signal quality of the converted channels. All settings are done by the control unit OH 41 (not included in the delivery scope).

32 freely selectable channels (max. 64 by increasing the channel bandwidth)
Very high selectivity of the filters
Integrated AGC (Automatic Gain Control) to compensate level differences at the input
Very high output level of 113 dBµV
Level indication of the received channels




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