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VX 21 0C 065

Building CATV Amplifier 1218 MHz

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The VX 21 0C 065 is a locally powered in-house amplifier with a frequency range up to 1.2 GHz. It has an active output and a measuring socket at the input and output. Diplex filters and return path amplifier are placed together on a module (VX20 0C xxx) and available in the versions 65 MHz and 204 MHz. All settings are done interruption-free by rotary switches or jumper. In addition, a high pass filter XE-xx can be plugged at the return path to minimize the ingress influence.

High output level up to 1.2 GHz, with low power consumption
Active single output
Measuring socket for input and output
All settings (gain, slope etc.) by rotary switch and Jumper
Diplex filters and return path amplifier placed on one module
Optional – receiver according to EN 60728-14 for ICS-settings
Optional – pluggable high pass filter at the return path channel
Very low power consumption <22 W.




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