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OLT – ZTE-1487233871


The ZXA10 C320 is the industry’s first small size, full-service optical access convergent platform, provides carrier class QoS and reliable network to meet the requirements for small-scale implementation of FTTx services.

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Seven access modes and the coexistence of three generations of PON technologies ensure sustainable network evolution
●Supports GPON, EPON, XG-PON, XGS-PON, 10G-EPON, NG-PON2 and PtP access.
●A unified platform that supports the coexistence of The ZXA10 C320 is the industry’s first compact FTTx central office equipment that is widely used in low-density, outdoor deployment and limited space scenarios. It offers ultrafast bandwidth, meets full-service access and multiple scenario requirements, and provides carrier-class QoS and security guarantee.

2U in height; supports the access of up to 32 PON ports
●Supports the access of GPON, EPON, XG-PON, XGS-PON and 10G-EPON.
●The 2U height requires less equipment room footprint and supports the deployment in a wide range of scenarios.

Suits a wide variety of scenarios and networking modes to implement flexible and on-demand deployment
●Unified platform: Allows for the coexistence of GPON/EPON and 10G PON and supports on-demand upgrade.
●Adaptive to a wide variety of scenarios: Suits low-density, enterprise access, outdoor deployment, limited space and FTTM scenarios.
●Flexible networking: Supports star, link, and Ethernet ring networking modes.

Supports multiple outdoor cabinets to suit more application scenarios
●Supports AC, DC and backup power supply. Supports a wide range of outdoor cabinets to meet the user demands. 
●Meets the requirements of extreme environments. 
Industry’s first innovative Combo PON solution significantly reduces the difficulty and cost of upgrading from GPON to 10G PON 
●3-in-1 feature (GPON+10G PON+WDM1r) in one Combo PON port and two generations of PON technologies integrated in one card help smooth upgrade from GPON to 10G PON.
●Uses the existing shelves, racks, ODFs and other resources to reduce the equipment room space greatly and to save CapEx.
●No additional insertion loss. No need to change the existing ODN.
●Saves the spare parts and maintenance cost and reduces OpEx.

Fast service provisioning through “zero” data planning and “zero” manual configuration
●Automatic service configuration. 
●Automatic ONU access.
●Exports ONU data in batches and implements ONU plug-and-play.
●Convenient and efficient service provisioning.


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