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ML7000 IPTV H265

Medialink ML7000

ML 7000 series include all IPTV applications inside of each optional box spreading on market already or additionally customization of IPTV services using many different Portals to split packages and categories, and to meet specific market demands. They are also ready to adopt additional services to make different valuation of service quality or exclusive launch of server owner’s plan (at exclusive and customized IPTV apps using their own logo and name).

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Meet the most optimized IPTV Plug-ins with Medialink

IPTV Menu has been renovated to optimize its features. It supports most common IPTV middleware though each application.
All IPTV Plug-ins are developed and managed by Medialink Team on a daily basis in order to maintain high quality service.

IPTV + Multimedia Apps

  • Highest quality Video and new codec
  • 50% Internet bandwidth saving
  • All plug-in in IPTV working
  • Multimedia Apps
  • YouTube, Google Maps, Weather


  • 32Mb High Speed MIPS Processor
  • RAM DDR3 Memory 2GB
  • Flash Memory 128MB
  • Supports 3G Modem
  • Youtube Playback and Recording
  • Remote Control function from a smartphone
  • Multimedia Playback MKV / AVI / MPG / MP4
  • IPTV URL for streaming (IPTV, VOD)
  • Supports MP3 and JPEG files
  • Software upgrade via FTP / USB / Network server
  • Supports Stalker and Xtream Codes


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